Why don’t accountants retire?

‘Why don’t accountants retire?’ feels like the start of a joke (you can insert your own punchline) – but the truth is that this is a profession that is particularly hard to step away from. Many practitioners reach the end of January wishing this could be their last busy season, but for those with retirement… Read more

How not to fall foul of AML changes

Our Product Specialist, Steve Murray, has been running webinars on the new AML rules and what they mean for you, which many of you have attended recently. For those of you that missed them, here he recaps the key issues, flags some major issues to be aware of, and helps you to be more proactive… Read more

IRIS Keytime: new name, same perfect partner!

Almost five years since joining forces with our parent group, we are about to become even more closely connected! From today, we will be known as IRIS Keytime. Rest assured our much-loved software, service and support is not changing, but you will notice a few exciting differences elsewhere. Now in our 30th year, we are… Read more

Our tips and tricks for surviving busy season

We want to lessen some of your stress this busy season. Martyn Crompton – our Support Consultant – has identified common problem areas and outlined troubleshooting tips to save time and energy at a point you need both!  It’s become a winter tradition of sorts, this manic period during the annual tax return deadline – and we understand the pressure it can put on… Read more

New Year, New Anti-Money Laundering Changes

Our Product Specialist, Steve Murray, looks at what 5MLD means for you. If January isn’t already a manic enough time for you, it’s about to get a whole lot busier, thanks to the Fifth Money Laundering Directive – known as 5MLD. By now, most practitioners will be acquainted with the extension to the anti-money laundering… Read more

IRIS Keytime prepares for Brexit with software updates

With the Brexit saga rumbling on and a no-deal outcome still a possibility at some stage, you may be wondering what action Keytime is taking to be ready. A new deadline looms after the EU accepted the UK request for an extension to 31 January 2020. In our Q and A below, we explain what… Read more

Brexit: As a new deadline looms, what must businesses consider?

With the UK’s departure from the European Union delayed yet again, you may be wondering what it all means as an accountant for your business clients and, indeed, for you? Although the EU has given Britain a flexible extension until 31 January 2020, meaning Brexit is not happening right this second, it is not going… Read more

Discount Dracula – meet our fang-tastic money-saving creature of the night

Gore, guts, ghastly ghouls and ghosts galore. Shell-shocked shrieks, screams and scary skeletons. Eerie sounds, evil spirits, appalling poltergeists, dreadful demons, and menacing monsters. You probably think you’ve seen it at all before on Halloween? All those stereotypical symbols above and many more that you’d expect to find bubbling away in the Halloween cauldron. But… Read more

Taxing troubles in Northern Ireland: your questions

With IRIS Keytime customers asking questions about tax related issues in Northern Ireland, we look at the latest political landscape, proposed changes and what comes next What a momentous occasion it was when 1998’s Good Friday Agreement brought peace to Northern Ireland. Uniting republicans and unionists to lead the country, set laws and legislation, foster… Read more

Major changes coming at Companies House – all you need to know

A huge shake-up is afoot at Companies House, with the biggest changes in its 175 year history in the offing. The plan is to improve the transparency and accuracy of the information it holds and what it knows about businesses. It also aims to give Companies House more power and get it fighting fit for… Read more