Your Accountants Ltd

Taking the heavy lifting out of bookkeeping for small firms

For Gary Ferdinandi of Woodford based Your Accountants Ltd, a great deal of time and effort can be spent guiding small firms and sole traders through the complexities of managing and tracking their cashflow. “They don’t have finance or bookkeeping teams in-house; they simply don’t have the resource. We become that resource by tidying up and teaching them the basics. It is a major part of what we unintentionally do, so where we can use software to help simplify this process, it can only benefit us and our clients.


"For instance, if we have a Gas Engineer issuing 10 invoices a day, getting him to record these using cashflow software rather than handing us a pile of paperwork, saves a huge amount of hassle for all involved. We can then seamlessly and quickly import it into our Accounts Production software.”


IRIS Keytime’s Accounts Production package is designed with simplicity in mind, to enable to you do what you need to in a quick, easy and accurate fashion. From enabling you to post journals and import trail balances, to producing final accounts and submitting directly to Companies House, the package provides support at every stage of the journey.


The team at Your Accountants Ltd joined IRIS Keytime three years ago, having left a bigger accounting software provider because the bells and whistles approach they took did more than they needed, with a hefty price tag to boot. Gary adds: “IRIS Keytime did what it said it would do – it is such a straightforward system, suited to what I need, that I feel I’m getting the most from it. When I speak to other accountants about software, I advise that this is ideal for small practices. There are no bandings and you are not constrained to a certain number of clients, which is helpful.


“Overall IRIS Keytime has saved us time, money and aggravation! And when we have ever needed them, the support team is always there and helpful, going the extra mile and help put things right.”